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- Available: yes... and looking for fun *wink
- Age: Twenty!
- Annoyance: People who have to be right, even when they're wrong. discriminators
- Allergic: Sulfa, a type of medicine. Dunno about anything else though
- Animal: Armadillo! <3 or dragons, oh! and boa constrictors
- Actor(s): Drew Barrymore, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downy Jr., Emma Stone, and Ellen Page

- Beer: DISGUSTING... unless its the berry kind from Oregon. <3
- Birthday/Birthplace: June 27/ California
- Best Friends: TOO MANY
- Body Part on Same sex ;D: BOOBS! lol
- Best feeling(s) in the world: Attraction, and Bliss
- Blind or Deaf: Blind, I like my hearing
- Best weather: Downpour. best soup and hot chocolate weather
- Been in Love: course, who hasn't
- Been bitched out?: when HAVEN'T I? ha ha
- Been on stage?: Yep and had fun
- Believe in yourself?: I have to! the world will collapse if I don't!
- Believe in life on other planets: and life on them!
- Believe in Magic: do believe in magic, in a young girls' heart. (music note) of course I do.
- Believe in God: I believe in something!
- Believe in Satan: why not?
- Believe in Santa: I've been chasing him for years
- Believe in Ghosts/Spirits: Yeah, why not, enough evidence
- Believe in Evolution: the proof is out there.

- Car: not a huge fan. gimmie a bike or skates anyday
- Candy: chocolate, suckers, gum, and chewy stuff
- Color: dark red, midnight black (with random white specks), and GLITTER!
- Cried in school: Punched some people after but yeah
- Chocolate/vanilla: Chokotl
- Chinese/Mexican: depends on the mood
- Cake or pie: pie. so many other flavors.
- Countries to visit: all of Europe, Russia, and China

- Day or Night: Night
- Dream vehicle: Spyder motorcycle (has two wheels in the front one in the back)
- Danced: not in front of people of my own free will, (ddr doesn't count)
- Dance in the rain?: For hours
- Dance in the middle of the street?: Unfortunately. but I was paid for it so it was no biggie.
- Do the splits?: Not in a million years.

- Eggs: sunny side hard.
- Eyes: Hazel, but they change colors. <3
- Everyone has: finger/toenails
- Ever failed a class?: once. that was the only time.

- First crush: Andrew. 2nd grade
- Food: meat!
- Full name: Alexis Marie McCoy
- First thoughts waking up: Grrr... Why do I have to wake up?

- Greatest Fear: Porcelain dolls
- Giver or taker: I give
- Goals: Dunno. I go with the flow
- Gum: the weird dessert ones. apple pie is pretty good.
- Get along with your parents?: No comment needed
- Good luck charms: pft. PU LEEESE!- I AM a good luck charm. lol

- Hair Color: Brown
- Height: 5'10"
- Happy: a lot of things
- Holidays: Halloween
- How do you want to die?: in a random way... probably doing what I love
- Health freak?: hahahahahahahahaha that's a good one!
- Hate: not many, but if I do they know it.
- (Not sure what this was, like about opposite gender or something?)
- Eye colour: don't care, I just want to be able to stare at them for hours. <3
- Hair Colour: dark, and long enough to play with.
- Height: Preferably taller but doesn't matter
- Clothing Style: casual, and comfortable
- Instrument: this question needs a censor bar.

- Jewelry:don't wear often but I like keys
- Job: trying to find a waitress job. I'd love to do that!

- Kids: much later in life
- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing
- Keep a journal?: rare, and very random.

- Longest Car Ride: From Arizona to North Caolina
- Love: L- is for the way you Look at me O- is for the Only one I see- Oops. I like to sing. lol
- Letter: Q's the most unused letter. lol
- Laughed so hard you cried: I love to do that.
- Love at first sight: Is that when a mallet of hearts hits your head?

- Milk flavour: any and all. except soy, yuck!
- Movie: way too many favorites
- Mooned anyone?: snicker, and never looked back. lol
- Marriage: Definitely
- Motion sickness?: sometimes.
- McD's or BK: SUBWAY!

- Number of Siblings: two younger brothers
- Number of Piercings: two in each ear
- Number: 13

- Overused Phrases: "Kon", "I'll KILL YOU!", No way!
- One phobia: I get queasy at heights if that's one
- Place you'd like to live: Russia, or Germany
- Pepsi/Coke: Root beer

- Quail: Yum! <3 lol
- Questionnaires: Addicting and fun!

- Reason to cry: I can make myself cry on contact so dunno
- Reality T.V.: don't like 'em
- Radio Station: 107.9 camel country with Tim and Willy!
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: yup. I laugh at those who can't

- Song: fave now is "I'm Alive" by Becca, (kuroshitsuji ending) but I like a lot of songs. but NO HIP HOP OR RAP BLECK!
- Shoe size: 91/2 to 10
- Sushi: Love it, if I make it
- Skipped school: Yes I have
- Slept outside: very comfortable
- Seen a dead body?: in movies yes, to scared to see them in real life. so no funerals for me.
- Smoked?: only a few times of stress
- Skinny dipped?: twice.
- Shower daily?: Yes.
- Sing well?: Dunno, Don't care!
- In the shower?: sing in the shower! I love to!
- Swear?: Only when I need to- six times a day.
- Stuffed Animals?: Sebas-chan Plushy, Spidey my stuffed dragon, Lieutenant my monkey and Kit-kat my fox. (those are the ones at home. I have more...)
- Single/Group dates: like personal single but groups are always more fun.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Blackberries
- Scientists need to invent: Pokemon and pet Dragons

- Time for bed: Whenever I feel like it Gosh!
- Thunderstorms: if there's rain!
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Yep! I've had tom of practice
- Unpredictable?: It depends
- Under the influence?: Under YOUR influence. lol awesome pick up line.
- Understanding?: No one understands me.

- Vegetable you hate: Sweet potatoes, and green tomatoes
- Vegetable you love: Potatoes and Asparagus
- Vacation spot: North Carolina

- Weakness: what is this odd word? (bells and huge stuffed animals)
- When you grow up: I want to own a internet cafe/ library
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: no one can act like me!
- Who makes you laugh the most: I do. lol or random conversations with my mom.
- Worst feeling: when people are mad at each other and me in the middle.
- Wanted to be a model?: not really
- Where do we go when we die: reincarnation
- Worst weather: Over 110F and humid
- Walk with a book on your head?: everyday!

- X-Rays: Don't Like the noise, and its always when I'm in pain and they move my injured part and make it hurt worse. damned nurses. <-x->

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: Sunlight on a field of wild flowers.

- Zoo animal: alot.
- Zodiac sign:  Cancer and Sheep
  • Listening to: Spice world
  • Reading: the computer screen
  • Watching: Spice World
  • Playing: Harvest Moon: mineral town
  • Eating: chicken and rice soup
  • Drinking: ice water
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Submitted on
July 18, 2011